Saturday, May 25, 2013

Linky Party Saturday

I love the potential of a good linky party!  Not only will my little blog get some visitors that may not have found their way to my little piece of the blogosphere, I get a chance to visit some very interesting blogs!  There are some very amazing teachers out there, and I am so happy that I can get a chance to go on some virtual visits their classrooms!  In this post I am linking up with  Doodles Bugs and Flying into First Grade for these two Linky Parties. 

Linky #1

OK,  here's my first linky entry:

1.Number Flowers from Miss Kindergarten.  We had fun working with numbers to create these cute flowers.  

 2.  We read a lot of animal books this week, two of which were Is your Mama a Llama? and Are You my Mother?  After some lively didiscussions about our mothers, the Kinders wrote about them in their journals.  They LOVE to read their writing on the white board! 

 3.  Name your sorting rule!  We spent lots of time sorting all sorts of things - ourselves, manipulatives, etc.  In this activity students sorted animal pictures and stated their sorting rule.

 Here's the link to get this activity.

4.  More sorting.  The kids had fun sorting their shoes!  What made this activity really fun was the fact that they got to TAKE OFF THEIR SHOES!  I love Kinders - the simplest things make them happy.  This was a tricky activity because they had to agree on their sorting rules.  (Not always easy for 4 - 5 kids to do...)

 We had fun with a room full of sorting bins.  I took out a variety of sortable objects, set them around the room, and gave partners three minutes to sort.  They were given free reign on how to sort, but were required to tell me their sorting rules. When the timer went off, they picked up and moved to the next bin.  Here are some of the sorting rules they came up with.  What smarties I have!  <3

5.  The view from my back porch Thursday evening.  (Looking over my neighbor's hay field - the clouds look like water...)  Full moon + the day before a 3 day weekend + almost the end of the school year... enough said  :-)


Linky  #2

Flying into First Grade is hosting another fun linky where we get to introduce our bloggy friends.  I actually only know three bloggers - my beautiful daughters!  Sarah has a kindergarten blog, Emily has an author blog, and Gabrielle has a fashion/lifestyle blog.  I would love to get to know some other bloggers.  If anyone is interested in contacting me, I would love to hear from you!

Here are links to my girls' blogs.

Emily Goodwin's Official Blog 



  1. I love the flowers with the number in the center and the petals showing ways to make the number. A teacher in my building did the same activity and I would walk by them everyday thinking of how cool they were.
    The Phonics Phenomenon

    1. My kids had fun making their flowers. It was a good way to review lots of skills!

  2. I love the flowers! We might do those this week!

    I would so pretend I was at the beach if that was the view from my back porch!

    My Kinder-Garden

  3. I love your number flowers! I could easily adapt that for my second graders! I love it! Your girls blogs look beautiful! How amazing to have an entire blogging family! I am your newest follower!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think the flowers would be fun for second grade. It is a lot of fun being blogging buddies with my girls! Thanks for visiting.


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