Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Please Follow Me on Bloglovin

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I recently read on several blogs that Google Friend Connect will no longer be available on July 1  In order to keep up, I have set up a Bloglovin account - just when I reached 155 followers! I'm not sure if these lovely followers will "go away" or not, but if you would click on my Bloglovin widget, I'd really appreciate it.  (You can still follow me on Friend Connect for now - I was really hoping to reach 200 followers...)

Here's a link to a post about changing to Bloglovin on Schoolmarm Style.

 I always like to include some pictures in my postings, but didn't have any good school related photos.  School's out, and my room is a mess.  I spent today organizing my math & literacy centers materials, and well, you know how it is when you undertake a big overhaul - I made a bigger mess than what I started with!  I plan to finish everything tomorrow afternoon.  So, in absence of any better pictures, here is Alice looking out of her stall.

And, here is my fine hairdo my three year old granddaughter did for me.  She even clipped on some "hurty" earrings for good measure!  Being the good grandma I am, I wore my hair like that while we played princess.  ;-)

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