Thursday, June 27, 2013

Linky Party Kind of Day

I found some great linky parties to join while holding my sleeping nine month old granddaughter today.  I remembered to bring my iPad in the event that she fell asleep while I babysat this morning.  I was able to link up, but not write a post about it while holding her.  So, here is my post.  Hop over to these great linky parties and discover some wonderful blogs!

For this linky, bloggers are asked to post their top 10 Math pins.  Here are mine: 
(Sorry, but the top two are from my blog.  The first is a game available on my TpT store.  My students really enjoyed playing it.  The second one shows a flower activity made by a former Kinder Diva (she was moved to first - but we still love her!). 
 Students will enjoy practicing numbers to 20 with this cute dinosaur game.  Two - four players take turns selecting a card with numbers made up of ...
Spring Number Bond
 Mrs. Bremers Kindergarten: Math Work Stations
 Math Tubs in Kindergarten: Math Tubs and Math Tubs
IDEA FOR PRACTICE COUNTING PROJECT...assign a number for each child and have them choose and glue corresponding number of objects. Have them write 2-3 numbers to choose answers from.  Exchange with a friend and practice counting!
Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Math
 Mrs. Wills Kindergarten: Math Work Stations Part 3
Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten: Math Work Stations: Get them for free!
All about the numberLove it...

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