Friday, June 7, 2013

We Made It!

We did it - we got to the end of the year!  I do have to admit that it's a bittersweet time of year.  I will really miss my Kinders.  They worked so hard all year, and made so much progress.  I'm very proud of them.  But, I will really enjoy not getting up at 5:30 - 7:00 seems to be a much more sensible time to get up!  I'll be able to visit my mother more often (she lives in a memory care unit for people with Alzheimer & dementia) and mornings are better for her.  When I visited after school she was often tired, so I am looking forward to spending more time with her when she is alert.  (A side note:  If your parents are healthy visit them as much as possible.  Cherish the moments.  It is really difficult to see my bright, lively mom like she is today.)  I also am looking forward to spending time with my precious granddaughters, Isabella & Olivia, (and granddaughter-to-be, Amelia).  Everyone says grandchildren are the best, and believe me, they ROCK! I absolutely LOVE being Mimi!  I'll have time to get in some porch sitting (I went to the library today and got three new books). Another activity I'm looking forward to is being a "guest reader" at Hilltop House.  My little granddaughters went there when Sarah was teaching.  It is a wonderful facility that has helped my little darlings to blossom and grow!  It is a privilege to be able to give back.

Here's my Five for Friday:

1. Kinder Diva Dream Team!  I had the great pleasure to work with some of the most caring, professional, beautiful women this past year.  We are not only teammates - we are very good friends!  We supported, helped, affirmed, and loved & comforted each other.  Our closeness makes it very difficult to say goodbye.  Kiki is retiring this year.  She leaves behind some very big shoes, um stylish kitten heels to fill.  But, I'm sure that given our great ability to work together as a team, our new Kinder Diva will fit right in!

From left to right: Diva Teacher Patty, Diva Teacher Kiki, Diva Teaching Assistant Deb, and Diva me

 2.  Are you a Kinder Diva?  If you work hard, value friendship, and love what you do then you are a Kinder Diva!  This is our anthem which we all have posted above our desks.  It serves to remind us that we are a united team working together to provide the best education for our little Kinders.  (Plus, it's a reminder of how much fun we have together!)  Click HERE for your copy of the Kinder Diva anthem.

3.  My new lanyard.  A recent trip to the outlet mall (one of my favorite haunts) netted this cute lanyard.  I figure if I am required to wear my school ID, I may as well do it in style!

4. I spotted this on Facebook.  I think it is an important reminder for parents and teachers alike.  (And, also the administrators who evaluate teachers on how engaged their students are...)


5.  OK One more Heifer International post.  Click HERE to see the news segment from channel 2 in Chicago. 



  1. Hi there, I just found you through Doodle Bugs and am your newest follower. Your blog title is so cute. I love your lanyard too. :o)
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    1. Thanks for visiting & following!


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