Thursday, March 8, 2012

100 Day Pizzas

Finally!  Here are the pizzas we made on 100th Day.  A wonderful parent volunteer helped my kiddos to make a pizza complete with 100 toppings.  Counting by tens, students added toppings to create a one of a kind pizza.  My amazing Teaching Assistant confirmed that each pizza had what the "menu" said it did, and then laminated them.  They are currently hanging in our hallway just outside our classroom door.  Soon, they will become a Math Center activity.  (Counting, comparing, tallying)  But, for now I really enjoy seeing them as I approach my room.

I love my Cricut!
Each pizza has a page that tells what - and how many - toppings were used, the name of the pizza, and the chefs' names.  My students really enjoyed making these!

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