Saturday, March 31, 2012

Literacy Stations for the Week of 4/2/12

Spring Break is coming to an official end - I'm doing school stuff again!  We didn't go anywhere, but I did have a nice break. (Sleeping to 7 or 8 is wonderful!)  And, thanks to a mild winter, the next two weeks are only four days long!  In light of that, this set of Literacy Stations will span the eight days - five days of stations work, and three days of something else (I'll keep you posted on the "something else").

Literacy Station.  I guess we should rename this station "Word Work" because that's really what the students do here - work on words!  In this activity they will use vowel cards to create words on these two-sided work mats.  They will then write the "real" words they make on the record sheet shown below.  (Thanks to one of my teaching partners for this activity!)

Reading Station.  Printed from The Mailbox's website, this work mat will be used as a group activity.  Students will take turns selecting a card, reading the word, and placing it onto the correct space.  Each student will write the word onto the record sheet shown below.  Once this is used as a group activity I plan to place it into a Skill Tub to be used as individual/partner practice.

Writing Station.  Our reading book's stories focus on ocean animals this week, and our writing lessons include using descriptive words.  Students will draw a detailed fish, and then write about it.
Listening Station.
 Math Literacy Station.  This is an activity from my Pots of Gold Skip Counting Freebie.  Students will select a number card and the designated number of coin cards.  Counting by fives they will determine how many coins there are in all, and write their findings on the record sheet.


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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I love looking at other teachers' blogs for ideas, so I thought it would be fun to share my ideas. Let me know if you try anything. :)


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