Thursday, March 15, 2012

Developmental Centers

At the end of the day my Kinders are allowed to go to our Developmental Centers.  These centers feature educational and fun materials designed to allow free choice activity, social interaction, and skills practice.  Students interact with their assigned groups of three, rotating through the six centers.  At the end of the rotation I rearrange the groups in order to give students the opportunity to play with everyone.
I didn't take a close up, but you can see the Centers pocket chart - the third from the left.

Our cubby area doubles as our Block Center.

Discovery Center.  This center houses Legos, coloring books, puzzles and such.  I would love to turn this into more of a Science Center (it would only take money...).

Library Literacy Center.  Books, writing materials, and other literacy activities are included in this center.

Dramatic Play Center.  Complete with kitchen, white board, and puppet theater!

Math Center.  The little tubs and baskets contain all sorts of math manipulatives and activities.

Sand Center.  Yes, we have a sand center!  The kids love it.

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