Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skill Totes

When I want my students to work in pairs or small groups on the same skill, I use "Skill Totes."  I really like to have my Kinders work in pair or small groups and needed a way to get the materials into their hands quickly and efficiently.  These totes are from Michaels ($2.00 each - bought with my Box Top money).  I used them today to pass out materials for Activity 3 from my Pots of Gold freebie.

Skill Totes are stored on a ring that is hooked onto the Skill Tub storage shelf.
I took photos of the areas where students are to go when working with Skill Totes. 
Student pairs (usually the same Skills Partners - see Skill Tubs post) know where they are to work by simply looking at the attached picture tag.
Materials needed to work on Activity 3 of the Pots of Gold freebie.
 The "die shaker" is made from a Gerber baby food container.  It doesn't make rolling dice any quieter, but it does keep them from being flung across the room, rolling under tables, etc.

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