Friday, March 16, 2012

Pot O' Gold Word Family Project

Today we made a Pot O' Gold Word Family project.  It was similar to our Pots of Gold skip counting "pots" in that they were glued onto lunch bags (what a wonderfully versitile product!).  I did use the coins from my math freebie.  I wanted everyone to have fifteen coins, and started cutting them out of yellow construction paper while my students were in the computer lab, but soon decided to simply run off the coin page and give them to my kiddos to color.  They were happy to do so (I have a group of artisits in my room!).
I used pots that I found in a Mailbox magazine some time ago.  I have created a freebie of a Pot O' Gold - click on the link below.

These are the coins from my Pots of Gold skip counting freebie.  The students colored the coins and wrote word family words on the back.  We had brainstormed lists of word family words and wrote them on the white board before beginning this activity.  Students were able to choose five words from each of the three word families onto the backs of their coins.

Reading word family words to a friend.

Fifteen coins with word family words. 

Students shared their words with friends - because we had lists with at least ten words each, everyone had a different collection of words to read.  They were excited read each others' words!

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