Thursday, March 15, 2012

Behavior Management

On the first day of school we worked together as a class to come up with our class rules:  1. Listen when others are talking, 2.  Raise your hand to speak, 3. Don't goof around, and 4. Be nice!
These four rules pretty much cover every possible behavior you can think of.   I use a stoplight pocket chart to help my Kinders keep their behavior in check.  Everyone begins the day on "Green."

Anyone on green at the end of the day gets a sticker for his/her ten frame.  Once their ten frames are full, they get to pick a prize from the "Goodie Box."  It's fun to see the kids discuss how many more stickers they need in order to earn a prize.  Behavior management and math in one!

Our rules are written onto the chart paper above the pink chart.  The pink chart is a pictoral rendition of an "I-Chart" - an idea for behavior management borrowed from The Daily 5.  This helps my kids to know what to do when working in small groups or in partners:  1. Get your materials, 2. Go to your area, 3. Begin working right away, 4. Work quietly, 5. Stay on task,
6. Work for the entire time, and when told to, 7. Put your materials away properly.

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