Friday, March 2, 2012

Literacy Stations for the Week of 3/5/12

I always like to get my stations materials ready before I leave school on Friday.  I think that by taking pictures of them I will be more organized - and will have a pictoral reference for up-coming years.  My awesome teaching partners and I plan our stations together during our Thursday Team Meetings.  We usually do the same activities (Sometimes we do a three week rotation on a particular skill, passing an activity along to one another.)  I can't say enough about my wonderful team!  I am lucky to work with two amazing teachers and a fantastic teaching assistant.  We have so much fun together!

Reading Station.  Students will use the Unifix cubes to spell the sight words that are written on the bags.  I am lucky to have enough letter cubes to spell all of the words in each bag.  (If you don't have Unifix cubes you can use letter tiles, magnetic letters, or even letters printed onto card stock.) I made the record sheet using Word so students can practice writing the words after spelling them with the cubes.  They will then read their list to a friend.
Literacy Station.  Students will use the oldy moldy worksheet (I think it's from the 1980s) to practice writing vowels, coloring, and cutting skills.  My Kinders love to wear hats, so I think they will be excited to make these in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day.

Writing Station.  We will use this activity from our Reading series's Work Station flip chart.  They will draw an umbrella as directed, but instead of simply writing U up over and under, they will draw a pictures of objects so their sentences are a little more interesting.
 Math Literacy Station.  We will continue to work with shapes with this "Math Mat" activity from Mailbox.  The green card has ideas for a variety of activites using the cards (there are six sets of the cards for small group use), including shape riddles.  The worksheet is a color coded coloring page that gives practice following directions as well as reading color words.

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